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About Lucy Hovil

Dr. Lucy Hovil is senior researcher at the International Refugee Rights Initiative, and managing editor of the International Journal of Transitional Justice. For the past six years she has been leading a research project studying the linkages between citizenship and displacement in Africa's Great Lakes region.

Articles by Lucy Hovil

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Israel: refugees not welcome

While other countries in the region are hosting millions of refugees fleeing Syria, Israel is hosting none and is forcing out the several thousands of African asylum seekers already in the country.

Silence over Sudan’s bombing of civilians

There is insufficient awareness at the international level about the civilian crisis caused by the government in Sudan, and a failure to mobilise around what information there is.

“It is a joke”: ongoing conflict and the controversies of 'return' in Darfur

Though attention may have shifted away from Darfur, the conflict is far from over. The internally displaced are being pressured to 'return' when the issues from which they fled have yet to be resolved.

The consequences of exclusion in Sudan

The sentencing to death in Sudan of Meriam Ishag for 'apostasy' is a brutal example of a wider pattern of exclusion on racial, religious and gender lines. The majority of Sudanese experience some form of marginalisation, economically, politically, or culturally.

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