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About Luigi Achilli

Luigi Achilli is research associate at the European University Institute. His research and writing focus on refugee studies, irregular migration and smuggling networks, political engagement, and nationalism.

Articles by Luigi Achilli

This week’s front page editor

Adam Ramsay is the Co-Editor of openDemocracyUK

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Human smugglers roundtable II

Forget all you think you know about human smuggling. The human smugglers roundtable is back.

The call to become a smuggler

Human smugglers are widely portrayed as marketeers, yet the smuggler-migrant relationship is often coloured by moral, social, and even religious obligations. Heightened border policing has the potential to undermine all that.

Introducing the human smugglers roundtable

Human smuggling and irregular migration are hot topics yet poorly understood, a situation which has allowed dangerous, security-focused policies to proliferate. We ask those studying smugglers first-hand to weigh in.

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