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About Luis de Miranda

Luis de Miranda is a novelist and philosopher. He has established the Creation of Reality Group (CRAG) at Edinburgh University. He has developed his concept of "crealism"---the notion of the real as a constantly evolving joint creation---in essays, film and novels, most recently with L'art d'être libres au temps des automates and Ego trip, la société des artistes-sans-oeuvre

Articles by Luis de Miranda

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Charlie Hebdo: We no longer dream of the Republic. France needs a renewal of faith

Were the demonstrations of January 11 the signs of a Republican renewal? No. Less than a third of the Republic's work is done.

The code in the machine. A conversation with Luis de Miranda

2012-02-27_1446How has the digital realm changed us? Has it given us a way to understand the liberating aspects of order, and is this how the today's thinking about alternatives differs from that of generation '68? Listen to a podcast that prefigures some of the themes that will be covered on our Friday March 2nd London event.
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Who killed the poet?

Bardo and Ophelia at the triumphal arch: will the censored verses of Hamlet reveal to us who killed the poet? An extract from the new novel by Luis de Miranda

If you rule by code you will fall by code: the philosophy of Wikileaks

Diplomatic protocols and Internet protocols share rules but differ in their purpose. When the hacker ethic is applied to social code, as Wikileaks does, the result is good for democracy

20, 2000 and 2: the three shadows of Facebook

The eternal campus of the global middle class; the solution to the injunction to love ones fellow; a riskless replacement to reality. You could not have designed Facebook better to opiate 21st Century occidentals

Facebook is the message inside humanity's envelope

We can avoid using Facebook as a tool of narcissism or power if we recognise the bursting forth of possibility that characterisies human existence. Facebook could help transform humanity or could join ranks with other homogenising forces of fixed identities
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