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About Lukas Leuzinger

Lukas Leuzinger ist a journalist, blogger and book author living in Switzerland. He is specialised in questions of democracy, elections and direct democracy

Articles by Lukas Leuzinger

This week’s front page editor

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Coalitions in parliamentary democracies: can we find consensus in times of polarisation?

The majoritarian electoral system often leads to severe distortions of election results and a highly disproportionate distribution of seats, especially if voters are unwilling to follow the two-party ideal.

Now the party is over, the parties and civil society need to reconstitute themselves in Tahrir Square

Mubarak's totalitarian control of opposition parties and civil society organisations largely delegitimised them. 6 months is a short time to build-up of the essential fabric of democratic organisations that will allow the promise of the revolution to be realised
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