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Luke Cooper is a postgraduate student and associate tutor in International Relations at the University of Sussex, a supporter of the Anticapitalist Initiative, and co-author of Beyond Capitalism? The Future of Radical Politics (Zero 2013). 

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Mariam Ali

Mariam Ali is Associate Editor for openDemocracy's Arab Awakening page.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Reclaim the future? An idea whose time has come

This weekend radical activists from across Britain will come to the capital to debate, discuss and plan for a future beyond the dead end of austerity.

A mass strike in Britain – is this a new era for organised labour?

Yesterday's day of action saw over two million public sector workers take to the streets, in response to far more than the immediate issue of pension reform. Have the trade unions caught the popular spirit of Occupy?

Welcome to ‘Bitter Britain’: repression of student demo is a sign of the times

The London student demonstration on 9 Nov showed how the movement has transformed since the tuition fees protests last winter, and how the British state is hardening in its efforts to maintain control.

Know your enemy – never underestimate the Tories

Last Thursday's election revealed the power of the traditional British establishment. The lessons of history show that the left must never underestimate the Tories

Black Bloc: aesthetics won't beat the cuts

Luke Cooper responds to Jonathan Moses' article on the Black Bloc. He argues that the group's "aesthetic wars" can only be reactionary in nature, not liberating.
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