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About Lydia Smith

Lydia Smith is a freelance journalist with a focus on health, mental health, wellbeing and human rights who writes for national newspapers and magazines. Follow her on twitter @Lyd_Carolina.

Articles by Lydia Smith

This week’s front page editor

Adam Ramsay, Editor

Adam Ramsay is a co-editor of openDemocracyUK.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

What happens when mental health professionals also get sick?

It’s no wonder that almost half of all psychotherapists in the National Health Service say they feel depressed.

Why we should all be concerned about musicians’ mental health

Music is crucial to everyone’s wellbeing, so when musicians suffer so does the rest of society.

Why mental health is the hidden cost of the housing crisis

Our homes are supposed to be safe and welcoming, yet one in five adults in the UK suffer from mental health problems due to housing pressures.

In Britain’s top security prisons, the mentally ill experience official brutality and neglect

Close Supervision Centres in three prisons hold Britain’s most troublesome prisoners. The partner of one inmate claims the system fails inmates and society

Consider the impact of rape on a child: paedophiles must spend longer in jail

The partner of an abuse survivor convicted of killing a suspected paedophile calls for longer sentences for sexual offences against children

He’d take his medicine if only they’d bring it: mental health care in a British prison

Prison is failing those incarcerated who suffer from mental health problems. This personal story is one harrowing example.

Stuck in “Dangerous and Severe Personality Disorder” limbo

'David' suffered child abuse, and developed a disorder that led him to kill a man who for him symbolised his abusers. He was labelled DSPD and must prove he is a 'reduced risk' before his release. But how can he, when DSPD is not a medical diagnosis, but a political construct?

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