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About Malcolm Stevens

Malcolm Stevens is the Director of JusticeCare. He is the former UK Commissioner for the International Juvenile Justice Observatory in Brussels and a former Director of Secure Training Centres. In his capacity as the British Government's youth justice policy adviser he was responsible for the cases of Robert Thompson and Jon Venables for 5 years.

Articles by Malcolm Stevens

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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Children in trouble: punishment or welfare?

BBC Panorama exposed abuse at Medway Secure Training Centre — and a government policy that has gone off the rails.

Rotherham’s sex abuse scandal reveals failure at the heart of government

A report by Prof Alexis Jay has exposed shocking abuse and exploitation of 1,400 children as young as 11, over 16 years, in  Rotherham, describing 'blatant' collective failures of the care system, police and local politicians. A leading social worker holds the government to account.

The Bulger case legacy: Institutional vengeance against children who kill?

A former British Government senior adviser reflects on the treatment meted out to the boys who killed James Bulger.

Criminalised, vulnerable, and likely to re-offend: Will this government help young offenders in England and Wales?

Will this government help young people stay out of trouble and out of prison?: A response to the Committee of Public Accounts Report ‘The youth justice system in England and Wales; Reducing offending by young people’.

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