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Manos Matsaganis is Associate Professor at the Athens University of Economics and Business. In 2014-2015 he has been visiting the US as a Fulbright Scholar (Center for European Studies, Harvard and Center of Equitable Growth, UC Berkeley).

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Mariam Ali

Mariam Ali is Associate Editor for openDemocracy's Arab Awakening page.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The trouble with SYRIZA

Despite being 'a man of the Left', and despite being hugely critical of the parties that ruled the country since 1974, there are several things about the rise of SYRIZA that absolutely terrify me.

National populism and xenophobia in Greece

‘National exceptionalism’ has long served as an antidote to the many disappointments that being a Greek has often entailed. But historically, has this now opened the door to populist forces in Greece’s political culture?

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