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About Maria Livanos Cattaui

Maria Livanos Cattaui has been Secretary-General of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) since 1996 and is chief executive of the world business organisation.

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This week’s front page editor

Clare Sambrook

Clare Sambrook, investigative journalist, co-edits Shine a Light.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Maria Livanos Cattaui

Dear friends at openDemocracy,

I send all best and congratulatory birthday wishes to you as openDemocracy enters its 50th year. Who could have expected so long ago that the gap between economic development and political progress would have narrowed so dramatically? We despaired, seeing increased repression go hand-in-hand with extraordinary economic growth, especially as an example-to-follow in China. But when all those carefully wrought plans blew up in the face of demands for an open society and justice, we entered our recent decades of careening along a very bumpy road, approaching truly open democracies.  Let’s not despair again, despite a resurgence of inward-looking policies. The beginning of overall demographic contraction and the difficulties posed by so many ageing populations are being addressed as we now have new technological and medical breakthroughs, such as in unfettered inter-personal communication, unlimited energy, and regeneration techniques. All your friends are very proud of how openDemocracy has led our continuing dialogue – keep it up at least to the next millennium!

Making Robots / Ville Miettinen / Wikimedia Commons

An optimistic overview

In the last days of 2005, leading thinkers and scholars from around the world share their fears, hopes and expectations of 2006. As Isabel Hilton asks: What does 2006 have in store? (Part one)

The Women Vector

UN Resolution 1325 on women and peace-building presents a complex challenge for the international community. It identifies two distinct groups of women with a role to play in peace-building and reconstruction: those on the ground in areas of insecurity and those in global discussions on security issues, in positions of influence and who are peace-builders from the outside.

The test of practice: global progress in a world of sovereignty

Progress towards a richer and fairer world requires specific, diverse initiatives, practical experiment, and patient attention to detail – not high–sounding principles and more international organisations, says Maria Cattaui of the International Chamber of Commerce. In a wide–ranging interview with Anthony Barnett and Caspar Henderson, she argues that a “global compact” between business and the United Nations will be more effective than David Held’s proposed “global covenant”.

Making, and respecting, the rules

Maria Livanos Cattaui organised the annual Davos meeting for nineteen years. Now, as the head of the International Chamber of Commerce, she is one of the foremost advocates of globalisation. In a vigorous interview with openDemocracy, she sets out her distinctive, rules-based vision of the process, one that includes a strong role for government.

Business is part of the solution

There is more to Bonn, the WTO and the G8 than tear gas and cigar smoke. Their lesson, says the head of the International Chamber of Commerce, is that effective policy outcomes require the involvement of governments, business and NGOs alike.
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