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About Maria Sanz Dominguez

Maria Sanz Dominguez is a freelance journalist based in Asuncion (Paraguay) since 2014. Former correspondent for international news agency Agencia EFE, she currently writes for international feminist media such as Pikara Magazine and the LGBTIQ news agency Presentes. She also works as a camerawoman for Agence France Presse. She is a 2018 50.50 women's rights and corporate power reporting fellow.

Articles by Maria Sanz Dominguez

This week’s front page editor


Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

“We create space for freedom”: battling sexism in Ukraine’s media

Gender stereotypes are widespread in the Ukrainian media. I talked to activist Oleksandra Golub about campaigns to change this.

En el Paraguay rural, las mujeres están al frente de una ‘carrera contrarreloj’ para conservar las semillas nativas

Ante la expansión de la agricultura industrial, los cultivos transgénicos y las patentes de semillas, las mujeres rurales están preservando las variedades nativas y enseñando sobre agroecología. English.

In rural Paraguay, women are on the frontlines of a ‘race against time’ to save native seeds

Amid the spread of industrial farming, transgenic crops and seed patents, rural women are conserving native varieties and teaching others about agro-ecology.

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