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About Mariamé Touré Ouattara


Mariamé Touré Ouattara

Mariamé Touré Ouattara is a Programme Consultant with the New Field Foundation working in the northern Niger River Basin (Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast and Mali).  She holds a degree in Economic, Social and Family Counselling and has expertise in gender and advocacy. Her work has focused mainly on agriculture, gender equality and social justice. In her work to promote gender equality in Burkina Faso she has held a variety of posts including Director of Legal Affairs at the Ministry for the Promotion of Women, Advisor in charge of gender issues at the Ministry of Economic Development, as well as serving as the permanent secretary to the National Committee on the Fight Against the Practice of Excision. She served as the national coordinator for Association for the Cooperation and Research for Development (ACORD), is a founding member of REFAE, a regional network of African female economists that supports gender equality in macroeconomic politics, and is a member of the Centre for the Democratic Governance of Burkina Faso.  She was born in West Burkina Faso and is married with four children.


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Burkina Faso: "Let us remain standing"

Women farmers in Burkina Faso are organising to denounce the misguided agricultural policies adopted by the state. Responding overwhelmingly to international demands, such policies have failed to take into account the need, knowledge and aspirations of those who feed the population, and hunger is rising, says Mariamé Touré Ouattara.

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