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About Mario Espinoza

Mario Espinoza is a social researcher with a degree in Philosophy. He has been activist for Stop Evictions and a candidate for the municipalist alternative Ahora Ciempozuelos. He is a member of the Citizens’ Council of Podemos for the Autonomous Community of Madrid and member of the Institute for Democracy and Municipalism (Instituto para la Democracia y el Municipalismo).

Articles by Mario Espinoza

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Mirada a Podemos/Día 2: ¿Se puede democratizar el partido en Vistalegre II? ¿Cómo?

Democratizando el partido en Vistalegre II: "Gobernismo vs. municipalismo", "consenso vs. conflicto". English

Glimpse of a key debate : deciding the future of Podemos, Day 2

Can the party be democratized at the upcoming party congress (Vistalegre II)? If so, how? Español

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