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Marion Bowman was Director of One World Media, and worked for many years in broadcast journalism at Channel 4, ITV, and the BBC. She has written for numerous publications including The Guardian, Sunday Times, Observer and New Statesman.

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Scrapping Trident: the holistic approach

This is a key moment in the long history of nuclear disarmament in the UK, and Nicola Sturgeon's tactics place women’s critical voice firmly in the debate.

Bringing the radicalism of Seneca Falls into the 21st century

A century and a half after the Declaration of Sentiments and Rights, President Obama’s nod to Seneca Falls, Selma and Stonewall is important to the politics of equality, a potent reminder that, contrary to a view that was gaining ground in recent years, the fight for equality in late capitalist countries is far from over

The bleak mid-winter of the Coalition - let's see some heat

As huge swathes of Britain are beggared and left bewildered by the upheavals and moralising that we have already endured, and placated by scapegoating of the poor and other groups like immigrants, Labour must dig deep to set things straight.

Capitalism's bright 'Third Billion' future?

Management consultants have their eye on women as growth drivers and change agents for multi-national companies, and activists and politicians campaigning for women's rights are being advised to stop talking about trafficking and rights. Marion Bowman, reporting from the Trust Women conference, tells a Christmas story of 'The Third Billion' and Bedford Falls

'Culture' clash: the law, women's rights and real-world solutions

When culture trumps law to undermine women's rights, new forms of culture can help women in the struggle for equality. Marion Bowman reports from the first day of the Trust Women conference in London  

Strengthening democracy: tackling the over-representation of men

Democracy can only win the global struggle for ascendancy if women rise too. Marion Bowman reports on a London conference on gender and politics attended by politicians – mainly women - from around the world.

Women in the UK: back to the future

Britain’s Olympic summer is over and now it’s back to reality. Marion Bowman looks at how a ground-breaking play on the murder of five prostitutes links to the struggles against the vulnerability of women and renewed attacks on women’s lives, rights and living standards

Feminist revolution: population, migration and consumption

The poor women of the world are defusing the population time-bomb themselves so let’s stop talking about overpopulation and migration. It's time to complete the feminist revolution

The exodus of women from the UK television industry

In the past three years 5,000 women have left the industry compared to 750 men. The quality of our television affects the very nature of our democracy, society and culture. It really matters who our media workers are: the workforce must be as pluralist as our politics needs to be.

The challenges for women of HIV and gender violence

The hinterland of acknowledging and dealing with the links between gender violence and HIV/AIDS is mostly unexplored and unmapped. Neither the British government's strategy on gender violence nor that on sexual health deal with the link between gender violence and HIV/Aids. This serious policy gap leaves the issue orphaned and suffering the same status as women struggling with the complex interplay of violence, illness, and taboo.
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