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About Mark Galeotti

Mark Galeotti is a senior research fellow at the Institute of International Relations Prague, and coordinator of its Centre for European Security, also principal director of the Mayak Intelligence consultancy. He blogs on Russian security affairs at In Moscow’s Shadows and tweets as @MarkGaleotti.

Articles by Mark Galeotti

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Moscow's mercenaries reveal the privatisation of Russian geopolitics

Further revelations regarding the role of Russian private military contractors in Syria exposes how, under Putin, “state” and “private” are often one and the same thing.


On shaky ground: Russia’s FSB vs migrant radicalisation

Scrambling to address the growing threat of Islamist terrorism from Central Asia, Russia’s security apparatus is forced to depend on questionable foreign intelligence services.

The Czech Republic gives up on the EU – and foreign policy

Foreign Minister Lubomir Zaoralek is justified in lamenting economic inequality and low pay, but his EU-bashing conveniently hides the fact that his own government has done little to address them.

The murder in Ankara is vultures coming home to roost

Russia’s “wins” have largely been destructive and destabilising. The assassination of its ambassador to Turkey shows consequences are never far behind.

“RepressIntern”: Russia's security cooperation with fellow authoritarians

The formal and informal links between Eurasia’s security services pose deadly risks for opposition activists abroad.

Goodbye, Bastrykin?

Moscow has a new motto: work a little harder, steal a little less. A big name may have just fallen foul of it.


Education in Putin’s Russia isn’t about history, but scripture

Russia’s new history is really about today. It is about everything from denigrating the status of Kyiv to shutting down historical debate.

Putin’s incredible shrinking circle

12946.jpgIvanov’s departure leaves few voices able to speak truth to Putin.


Confessions of a Kremlin conspiracy theorist

12946.jpgLet's face it: movements inside Russia's power structures often signal exactly what we want them to. 

No, Russia is not preparing for all-out war

12946.jpgRussia’s snap military mobilisation drills are an internal exercise. But troublesome relations with the west could still have unintended (and unpleasant) consequences.


Putinism won’t end with a bang, but an arrest warrant

12946.jpgNew charges concerning several leading Russian officials reveal the greatest threat to the Kremlin's hold on power — elite corruption.


Russia’s militant migrant challenge


Russia’s terrorist threat has evolved. But the authorities are yet to evolve with it.


Russia’s shiny new weapons

‘Drones are not toys,’ says Vladimir Putin, and ‘we are not going to operate them as other countries do. It is not a video game.’ Maybe so, but military men the world over love their hardware…


On your marks, get set… intercept!

Russia is devoting considerable effort to trying to ensure that the Sochi Winter Olympics are safe and secure. Mark Galeotti wonders whether the real concern is not an attack on the Games but the consolidation of the security state.

A case for community policing in Russia

Russian police reform has so far been about centralisation and modernisation. Mark Galeotti suggests that the time is now right for a focus on localisation and humanisation, too.


Medvedev’s Law on Police: a quiet revolution?

A much-trumpeted Law on the Police comes into force in Russia today. Mark Galeotti considers whether it represents a meaningful step away from arbitrary and authoritarian traditions.

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