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About Mark Lee Hunter

Mark Lee Hunter is Adjunct Professor and Senior Research Fellow at the INSEAD Social Innovation Centre. He was a participant in openDemocracy's New News Seminar He is the author of Story-Based Inquiry: A Manual for Investigative Journalists (UNESCO 2009), Un Américain au Front: Enquête au sein du Front National (Paris: Stock, 1998)  and a founding member of the Global Investigative Journalism Network.

Articles by Mark Lee Hunter

This week’s front page editor

Clare Sambrook

Clare Sambrook, investigative journalist, co-edits Shine a Light.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Remembering Charlie Hebdo in the 90s

Charlie Hebdo was about more than its fiercely satirical cartoons. It changed the French media and legal landscape forever and was instrumental in the struggle to protect hard-hitting investigative reporting. 

News credibility in an age of stakeholder media

Are reporters mere adjuncts of power and spies? That is how ISIS treated the martyred journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff. To this day, the failure of the American news industry to expose the Bush administration’s WMD myths before the invasion of Iraq is thrown in our faces.

Global, independent, watchdog media is good for business. And enlightened business should support it

Independent media throughout the world - but especially in the emerging world - is having to re-invent its business models. At the same time, the business sector benefits directly from the honest public sphere that watchdog media creates. There is room, therefore, for imaginative business solutions to media's woes

Why all the Assange bashing? It's no good for journalism

Julian Assange has been a remarkable source for mainstream media. So why has he been so ill-treated in return? There are many accusations levelled at him and his organisation, and whatever their bases, none of them justifies the reactions. And this hurts journalism as a whole

Sarkozy's dangerous Mitterandian games with the National Front

President Nicolas Sarkozy lost two districts to the French National Front in cantonal elections at the week-end. His UMP party have been encouraging the Front's resurgence in a dangerous move that is depressingly familiar to observers of French politics

Don't paint bulls-eyes on pictures of opponents, and why Sarah Palin should have known

There is a history of painting targets or cross-hairs onto pictures of those you disagree with in the USA. It is widely known that doing so can get them killed. So why does Palin look so clueless about it?

If Assange is a spy, then so am I

The job and duty of journalists is to expose lies and their consequences. Julian Assange has shown that one does not need to be a journalist to help. That does not make him a spy.

Why the crisis of business is only beginning

The economic crisis will change the attitude of the middle classes towards government and business long-term. The corporate world needs to rediscover good behaviour for its own good.
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