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About Mark Moody-Stuart

Mark Moody-Stuart is Chairman of Anglo American plc. He was co-chair of the G8 Task Force on Renewable Energy (2000-2001), member of UN's Global Compact, and chairman of Business Action for Sustainable Development during its involvement in the UN World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg 2002. Before that he had a long and distinguished career at Royal Dutch/Shell, working in several countries including Nigeria, Turkey and Malaysia he rose from geologist to regional managing director (1991) and then chairman of the committee of managing directors (1998-2001). He holds non-executive directorships at Accenture, HSBC and Saudi Aramco and was president of the Geological Society of London.

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Getting it right in Africa

What does a real-life captain of industry have to say about corporate power and responsibility? Here, the Chairman of Anglo-American (and former Chairman of Royal Dutch/Shell) responds to openDemocracy‘s roundtable, focussing on the role of multinational corporations in Africa. He says that unless business, civil society and government team up to create sound systems of governance in developing societies, wealth will tear them apart.
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