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About Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor is a senior researcher at Fafo Institute for Applied International Studies in Oslo and founding member of the Center for American Progress’ Just Jobs Network. He publishes and advises on the law and economics of violence and conflict.


Articles by Mark Taylor

This week’s front page editor

Clare Sambrook

Clare Sambrook, investigative journalist, co-edits Shine a Light.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Israel in trouble: review of The Gatekeepers, by Dror Moreh

As Israelis go the polls on 22 January, Israeli democracy is in real trouble. At least that’s the message from a group of Israeli security mandarins at the centre of the Oscar-nominated documentary film The Gatekeepers.

Are conflict minerals making war less profitable?

What's up with conflict minerals? Is the global economy ready for regulation that targets the economies of warlords and insurgents?

Proxy-War Responsibility and the ‘Taylor Doctrine’

The most important of the secondary effects of the guilty verdict against Charles Taylor will be the notion that those who support the wars of others can be found culpable of the crimes committed by those they support. That should be a warning to many state officials who relate to irregular armed groups at war.

The difficult bit: the Arab spring after Libya

The outcome of the Libyan conflict leaves the Arab world’s wider political momentum to be decided by the interplay between mobilisation and repression, says Mark Taylor.

Libya's challenge: democracy under the gun

The military intervention in Libya now threatens the Arab democracy risings. This makes diplomacy and demilitarisation essential, says Mark Taylor.  

Annapolis: how to avoid failure

The next Israeli-Palestinian conference can produce results only if there is strong political will to tackle the hardest issues, say Mariano Aguirre & Mark Taylor.

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