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About Marta Lorimer

Marta Lorimer is a PhD. Candidate at the European Institute, London School of Economics. Her research focuses upon the place of Europe in the ideology of the French Front National and the Italian Movimento Sociale Italiano / Alleanza Nazionale in Italy. Her research employs a qualitative methodology based on an in-depth analysis of texts speeches and grey literature.



Articles by Marta Lorimer

This week’s front page editor


Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Pro-Europe and anti-EU? Reviewing the far right’s view of Europe

The far right’s claim to be attached to ‘Europe’, not the EU, suggests that ‘European identity’ may pose a challenge rather than an opportunity for the European Union.

Reflections on the ‘open letter’ debate: a middle way to approaching the radical right?

How should we study, present, and represent the radical right? Some from among the hitherto quiet observers speak up, in the interests of a broader conversation.

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