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About Maryluz Barragán

Maryluz Brragán is a recearcher in Dejusticia Litigation area. Marilyz is a lawyer from the Universidad de Cartagena. She has a specialization in Administrative Law from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and a Master’s degree in Law from the University of California, Los Angeles – UCLA. She has worked on matters of non-contractual liability, as well as on matters of fiscal responsibility. She has advised in the field of diversity policies in public employment entities such as the Department of Public Function and the Program for Afrodescendants and Indigenous People of USAID. She is also a member of the Racial Discrimination Watch.


Articles by Maryluz Barragán

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Poverty, inequality and discrimination in Latin America

When governments are seeking to reduce poverty based on discrimination and increase access to the enjoyment of rights, policies must also aim to reduce discrimination due to historical factors. Español

Pobreza, desigualdad y discriminación en América Latina

Cuando los gobiernos buscan disminuir la discriminación por pobreza y asegurar el acceso al disfrute de derechos, deben al mismo tiempo hacer un esfuerzo por reducir la discriminación por factores históricos. English

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