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About Mats Engström

Mats Engström is a writer. He was editorial writer at the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet for seven years, and has written extensively on European affairs for Swedish and other publications. He has also held various positions in the Swedish government services, including special advisor and deputy state secretary to Anna Lindh from 1994-2001. His blog is here.


Articles by Mats Engström

This week’s front page editor

Adam Ramsay, Editor

Adam Ramsay is a co-editor of openDemocracyUK.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The Swedish model is still alive

Stefan Löfven's party received 28.4% of the votes, a strong result for a Social Democratic party in government in today's Europe.

Sweden’s Social Democrats: the test of failure

The electoral victory of Sweden’s centre-right coalition forces is a historic setback for the country’s once-hegemonic Social Democrats. The pain of defeat is sharpened by the electoral advance of the anti-immigrant Swedish Democrats. To find their way across this new political landscape the centre-left must learn to reconnect with lost voters and generations, says Mats Engström in Stockholm.

Sweden's changing

The challenge of an emergent xenophobic populism in Sweden is provoking thoughtful centre-left voices to seek an effective response, finds Mats Engström in Stockholm.

Latvia’s crisis: the Swedish factor

Latvia’s financial meltdown raises questions of a neighbour: are you more regional power or friendly partner? Mats Engström, in Riga, reports.

Europe and terrorism: the wrong path

A strategy to counter terrorism that reinforces the exclusion of and discrimination against young Muslims won't work. An approach based on the establishment of trust and legitimacy is needed, says Mats Engström.

Europe's green power

The addition of a serious environmental dimension to the European Union's internal reform and soft-power diplomacy could yet make 2007 a year of vision, says Mats Engström.

We still love the Swedish model

Sweden's election turnaround is less of a shift to the right than it appears, says Mats Engström in Stockholm.

The fear haunting Europe

The secret meetings of Europe's political authorities are sanctioning public policies that feed racist sentiment, argues Mats Engström.

A broader coalition for human rights

In the last days of 2005, leading thinkers and scholars from around the world share their fears, hopes and expectations of 2006. As Isabel Hilton asks: What does 2006 have in store? (Part one)

The European Union's anti-terror plans: lift the secrecy

European justice ministers plan to adopt stringent new anti-terror measures on 1 December without public debate. This is very far from European Union democracy, says Mats Engström.

Democracy is hard, but the only way

The institutions of the European Union need a cultural revolution in the direction of transparency, openness and inclusion, says Mats Engström. Do the ideas of the European Commission vice-president, Margot Wallström, offer a way forward?

Remember Anna Lindh

Anna Lindh’s former special advisor remembers the tough-minded compassion that marked her as a "great European".

The European Union and genetic information: time to act

The principle of genetic testing of entire populations carries the great risk of putting the integrity of the individual in the service of commercial interests. The ensuing struggle for control of information cannot be resolved on the national level alone. Within the European Union, the tension between the internal market in services and harmonisation of national legislation reveals the urgent need for a European policy on genetic information.
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