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About Matt Mulberry

Matt Mulberry is Program Advisor for Editorial & Media Initiatives for the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict. He holds an M.A. degree in International Relations from Central European University.

Articles by Matt Mulberry

This week’s front page editor

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Reforming Interpol: boldly, and from the bottom-up

One of the key flaws still present in the system is the failure of Interpol’s internal review mechanism to effectively distinguish between genuine criminal cases and those that are politically motivated.

Arrest of a nonviolent leader in the Maldives challenges the international community

‘Terrorism’ charges might give the government leverage against a bid made by Nasheed to participate in any official political action at any point in the future. What happens now?

Physical space and ‘Occupy’ tactics: a new trend in civil resistance?

Does the term ‘occupation’ delegitimize movements by casting participants as short-term guests, instead of representatives communicating grievances held by a wider society within a public forum that is theirs?

Democratic decline in the Maldives: will the world wake up?

When Gayoom the elder was president, the government sought to facilitate the entrance of Islamist groups into the Maldives. The resumption of this now may be another opportunity for proponents of genuine democracy to sharpen the concern of international observers. 

Civil resistance in North America: themes from the James Lawson Institute

Martin Luther King once said, “sometimes it’s necessary to dramatize an issue”. Struggles within democracies may actually be harder to organize than struggles against highly unpopular and corrupt authoritarian regimes. It helps to get together.

The fifth pillar of Indian democracy: channeling people power against corruption

The name 5th Pillar represents the organization’s central idea; that people have the power to change the fundamental conditions that corruption depends on for its existence

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