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Matthew Linares is Technical and Publishing Manager with openDemocracy. He is a variable tinkerer writing and organising around debates in technology and more: Thought and projects. He tweets @deepthings. Encrypt mail to me with my public key.

Articles by Matthew Linares

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Internet equality in question again: perspectives on Net Neutrality

As the US regulator seeks to erase Net Neutrality, we ask a number of commentators to share their views on this momentous decision.

"Gains from AI could mean humans live for leisure some day"

What should we be asking about AI? A chat with Miles Brundage, researcher at the Future of Humanity Institute and specialist in artificial intelligence policy.

Internet equality is about to get Trumped – let’s build a wall to defend it

The principle that the internet should be as fast as possible for all its users means small voices with big ideas can transform society. Let's keep it that way.

We design money with the blockchain

"Blockchain technology will let us build the internet afresh, and better. Its novel approach to organising data and decision-making will totally disrupt everything from publishing and text messaging, ...

The Internet, our most mysterious colossus

In Limbo glides us through the Internet, as perceived from its insides, from the perspective of the evolving consciousness coming to life within. At the Open City Documentary Festival, 23 June 2016.

The idea of a festival: How The Light Gets In

New methods and spaces are required to grapple with the strange new questions of tomorrow's technology.

New film interrogates proposed UK spy laws

Nothing to hide, nothing to fear? The immense powers in the UK’s new surveillance bill are questioned in The Haystack.

Fast tech, slow citizens

As we hurtle through an age of immense digital development, there are too many possibilities to lose a grip on our privacy, self-determination and democratic dignity.

Intensifica-se o domínio do Facebook

A América Latina parece especialmente vulnerável perante as iniciativas recentes do Facebook, que procuram afiançar a hegemonia global da empresa. Estamos ante um monopólio moral em construção? Español. English.

Se intensifica el dominio de Facebook

América Latina parece especialmente vulnerable ante iniciativas recientes de Facebook, que buscan afianzar la hegemonía global de la empresa. ¿Estamos ante un monopolio moral en ciernes? English. Português

Facebook’s dominance deepens

Two recent Facebook initiatives, “Instant Articles” and “” are set to entrench the firm’s dominance. Is this a moral monopoly in the making?

Here come the caredroids

Sander Burger’s film Alice Cares delves into the politics of care, and the swiftly unfolding prospect of human-robot relationships. At the Open City Documentary Festival on 18 June 2015.

Designing enclosure? An open letter to Apple

To mark International Day against DRM, we question why Apple continues to lean its considerable weight against the philosophy of openness in software.

Who is your phone talking to?

“The Secret Life of your Mobile Phone” is a stage show dedicated to probing how smartphones leak private information. Why are our phones so sneaky?

Saving privacy from deformed democracy

With focus on the government's grip over surveillance, the public debate over privacy has ignored citizen-led data initiatives to regain power in the digital age - and the war being waged against them. 

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