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Maura Stephens has been a professional journalist and editor since 1977.

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Clare Sambrook

Clare Sambrook, investigative journalist, co-edits Shine a Light.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Ireland's prosperity trap

A booming economy is no cause for complacency – now more than ever Ireland must look after its natural and material wealth, its citizens and its democracy, argues Maura Stephens.

Dan O'Brien's rebuttal to my column on Ireland's changing fortunes serves as a splendid example of just what it is about the country's prosperity that gives cause to lament.

Prosperity shock

Wealthy now after decades of hardship, Ireland seems to have what most countries dream of. But Maura Stephens, measuring the changes she has seen over many visits to the land of her forbears, has a warning for the envious.

To lose a child

Bereaved parents around the world face the greatest grief known to our species. Nothing can diminish their loss, but Maura Stephens suggests that perhaps there are some healing ways to channel it.

“I remember the look on their faces when the water swept them away. No mother should ever have to go through this.”

“The water dragged my wife away and my two-month old twins and my seven-year-old son.”

“I knew I had to let go of one of them, and I let go of the older one.”

This Christmas, get your priorities straight

At the end of a year of tragedies, from Banda Aceh to Kashmir via New Orleans, Maura Stephens says it’s important to hear the message buried by the ring of shopping tills.

A plan for peace in Iraq

Or at least a start toward peace. Now, if only Bush would pay attention.

Why torture is OK

How can a “civilised society” tolerate the inhumane treatment endured by the people in Abu Ghraib, Guantánamo Bay and other American prisons?

The heart of Burma

A small, determined group of exiled Burmese activists are sacrificing their personal lives to free their leader and their country, reports Maura Stephens.

Broken links in Iraq

How can western citizens aid people in shattered post-war Iraq? In her first monthly openDemocracy column, Maura Stephens tells a story of fragile solidarity.

Letter to my Baghdad friends

For this American writer in Amman, Jordan, the nearness of her beloved Baghdad evokes an intense longing to return. But she cannot.
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