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About Max Holleran

Max Holleran is adjunct professor at New York University. He is currently completing his dissertation on urbanisation at the ‘edges’ of the European Union, with a comparative project on tourism development in post-Franco Spain and post-socialist Bulgaria. He tweets: @MaxHolleran

Articles by Max Holleran

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Cities have no silver bullets to fight Trump

American cities risk having global connections that are lambasted by those on the outside, and a growing insularity that separates them from their states.

Brash and swagger: Trump as ‘monopoly man'

Sinclair Lewis’s classic 1922 novel Babbitt traces the life of a self-important developer who likes to moralise. Remind you of anyone?

From tourist dream to existential threat, it’s time to bid farewell to Club Med

The collapse of the Mediterranean neighbourhood, once Europe’s success story, is the casualty of both terror and the financial crisis. It threatens to transform mare nostrum into a moat.

These American cities are fighting for control over electricity and the internet

State politicians are governed by check-writers in the energy and telecommunications businesses, but cities are pushing back.

Let's share! Please provide your credit card information to get started

Sharing has been monetized – from Task Rabbit, which allows you to pay people to go grocery shopping, to websites where you can rent a puppy for the weekend. But goodwill is best left off the shelves.

Bloomberg's biopolitics: the molecular mayor

Looking back on three terms of Michael Bloomberg we see a mayor who sought to fundamentally change New York’s character through a series of interventions in the City’s body and the bodies of its citizens.

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