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About Maxim Kantor

Maxim Kantor is a painter, novelist and playwright. His latest novel V tu storonu (In that direction), which explores the parallel between the financial crisis and a malignant tumour, will be published in Russia shortly.

Articles by Maxim Kantor

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Clare Sambrook

Clare Sambrook, investigative journalist, co-edits Shine a Light.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

We have made today's Frankenstein with our own hands

Tom Margie crop.jpgWhen communism ended, Russia’s people wanted democracy. Instead, they got the market and neoliberalism. Now, it appears, some of them want revenge.

Rise of the lumpen elite: is this really what we fought for?

The great battles waged on behalf of democracy in the 20th century have ended in crisis, proposes the painter and novelist Maxim Kantor. Shares in ‘democracy’ have crashed, while globalisation has led to the rise of a new super-rich lumpen elite which does not even notice that the world is on fire.

Victims of the bulldogs under that carpet

In Maxim Kantor’s opinion, the 39 deaths in the Moscow metro bombings on 29 March are victims of that fight between bulldogs under the carpet, as Churchill described Russian politics. The victims are always the poor, never the bulldogs. And guess who gains by the tragedy?

Mapping the territory of an impossible love

The debate between ‘westernisers’ and ‘slavophiles’, deeply engrained in Russian cultural history, continues in surprising new forms. As in this profound, illustrated reflection on Russia’s geographical and historical destiny, it can also be at the core of inner, familial dialogue. And, for an artist who reads faces as maps of the soul, it reveals truths that are both painful and unavoidable.

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