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 Maxine Molyneux is Professor of Sociology and Director of the Institute of the Americas at University College London. Her books include Women's Movements in International Perspective: Latin America and Beyond; The Politics of Rights: Dilemmas for Feminist Praxis; and Doing the Rights Thing: Rights-Based Development and NGOs in Latin America




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Rosemary Bechler is openDemocracy’s Editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Of rights and risks: are women’s human rights in jeopardy?

Human rights instruments have enabled women’s movements to access a normative and analytic framework for fighting discrimination, and rights discourses have been deployed to legitimise women’s demands for social and economic rights, political representation and well-being. Maxine Molyneux spoke to Deniz Kandiyoti about the new trends and threats to women’s rights and UN frameworks.

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