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About Medha Bisht

Medha Bisht is an Assistant Professor, South Asian University, New Delhi. Her monograph on‘Water Sector in Pakistan: Policy, Politics and Management’,  published by the Institute for Defence Studies and Analysis, New Delhi, is forthcoming. 


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Constitutional conventions: best practice

“Unpredictability” in Bhutan’s elections

Some issues flagged up in the candidates’ manifestos are revealing. These are protecting the rule of law, youth employment, balanced economic development, pro-poor laws and strong institutions.

Bhutan: elections 2013

Five years ago the remote Himalayan state of Bhutan turned from an absolute to a constitutional monarchy, making it the youngest democracy on earth. Looking back at the developments since the transition, the democratization of Bhutan was a success story despite a few shortcomings.

India and the Asia Pacific chessboard

The Sino-American competition for allies within Asia Pacific could be an opportunity for these countries to compel China to narrow conflicting issues, especially India who should focus its foreign policy into engaging China in a proactive way.

India-Pakistan talks: the need for a grand negotiating strategy

After bilateral talks between India and Pakistan, Medha Bisht analyses the underlying issues plaguing the negotiations.
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