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About Mehdi Lazar

Mehdi Lazar is a research associate at Panthéon-Sorbonne University. M. Lazar has completed a PhD in Geography and is the author of "Qatar, une Education City" (l'Harmattan, Paris, 2012). Find him on twitter at: @jafardeparis

Articles by Mehdi Lazar

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Why these Algerian elections are essential

Caught between the dynamic of the Arab Springs and that of the destabilization of the Sahel, the Algerian trajectory remains profoundly uncertain. Since its stability is essential for Europe, the stakes of the April presidential elections are high. 

Qatar moving closer to Algeria?

The intensification of economic cooperation - which is very advantageous to both – might be a way to achieve a deepening of political relations, in the context of a possible evolution of regional diplomacy on the part of the two countries.

Qatar intervening in northern Mali?

If the presence of Qatar in Mali is confirmed, it is difficult to establish how the emirate is trying to change the political and strategic situation.  However, despite the lack of proof of Qatari involvement in supporting armed fighters, there is some evidence that this might be the case.

How Qatar is using Gaza to isolate Iran

Qatar has seen an opportunity to distance Tehran and Gaza, while strengthening the links between the Palestinian Islamist movement and the emirate.

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