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About Melissa DeOrio

Melissa DeOrio holds an MSc in Security Studies from University College London and a degree in Political Science from the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University. Melissa lived in Samsun, Turkey from 2014-2015 as a Fulbright scholar and frequently analyzes Turkish political affairs.

Articles by Melissa DeOrio

This week's editor


Mehmet Kurt is this week’s guest editor, introducing the theme, ‘New Turkey and Old Troubles’.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

A hollow referendum

Instead of articulating a brand-new direction for the country, the referendum simply served to legitimize and solidify the powers that President Erdogan has held since July 2016.

Turkey: Do increased police powers signify desertion of democracy?

Expanded police powers and arrest of journalists signify a pivot away from a previous focus on democratic consolidation. The international community must pay attention to Turkey’s new security bill.

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