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About Meriem Dhaouadi

Meriem Dhaouadi is a youth activist working to promote civil and human rights in Tunisia.

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Tunisia: the backlash in women‘s rights amid the rocky political transition

The announcement of the long awaited new government in Tunisia coincided with International Women‘s Day. Ironically, only 3 women were appointed in the new cabinet. The exclusion of women from key posts in the government is not a new phenomenon in the history of modern Tunisia.

Denial runs through Tunisia: you say we absorbed the shock?

Today, the one thing that devastated me the most is how quickly the president who is supposed to be a human rights defender, not just any president, stepped in to persuade us to get used to the spilling of blood.

Tunisia’s political dysfunction rests on a fierce power struggle

The political players (the ones in government and the opposition) should accelerate their efforts today towards reaching consensus and putting Tunisia above everything else.

Don't hate the revolution, hate the power-play

Weariness with unfulfilled promises, deteriorating economic conditions and the rising threat of violence was rather visible on the day celebrating the second anniversary of the Tunisian revolution.

Tunisia: economic pressures threaten the regime‘s survival

A general strike will take place on Thursday, December 13, across Tunisia, a rare call, actually the third to be made by the powerful UGTT since its foundation in 1946.

Two Tunisian detainees die after hunger strike

Bouazizi’s desperate act of self-immolation in response to his humiliation seems to be replicated once again under the rule of a legitimate government that came to power through the ballot box.

The Tunisian government, grandfather of the salafis?

They are unwilling to go back to detaining and torturing “the Salafis” to win the satisfaction of the western hemisphere, but on the other hand, Tunisians are refusing to be returned to the middle ages.

No reason to celebrate in Tunisia

23rd October marked the first anniversary of free and democratic elections in Tunisia. However, dissatisfaction over the slow pace of reform and the crackdown on human rights soured plans to celebrate.

Political violence in Tunisia takes the country backward?

The coalition government has shown little interest in engaging in an authentic reconciliation between Tunisians with different political allegiances.

Tunisia: a reality check on women‘s rights in an abusive state

The victim filed a complaint against the three police officers only to be charged with “intentional indecent behaviour” based on the testimony of the offenders.

Rough times in Tunisia: weak leaders vs. empowered fundamentalists

Tunisian leaders must quickly and boldly address the problem of fundamentalism through building more robust democratic institutions, debate forums and a national dialogue.

Another ugly movie shot in ‘moderate’ Tunisia

In Tunisia, the violent protest that took place after the Friday prayer near the US embassy resulted in four deaths with several seriously injured.

Looking for dignity elsewhere: Tunisian youth fleeing the birthplace of the Arab spring

Frustration in Tunisia is growing especially among the youth who remain marginalized even though they were the ones who ignited change.

Crackdown on free media in Tunisia

Stifling the media can lead to the emergence of robust new media, like those that accelerated the end of some of the most autocratic Arab dictators.

In the Tunisian elite we don’t trust

Offended by the people‘s choice in the recent elections, Tunisia’s elite have now declared war on the people and their political rivals.

Another Revolution in Tunisia is inevitable

The Association of Religion and Tolerance has offended the sensitivities of the ultra-conservative Muslims whose ears have recently become accustomed to an intolerant discourse imported from the Gulf and orchestrated in order to generate hatred and violence in Tunisia.

Tunisia’s Pirate Party

The Tunisian Pirate Party combines cyber-revolution with egalitarian politics, a mix that you will not come across elsewhere in over one hundred classical parties that sprung up lately in Tunisia.

Not good timing for financial compensation to political prisoners in Tunisia

Last week, Tunisia’s minister of finance, Houcien Dimassi, abruptly resigned from his post refusing to approve a bill that would cost the national budget more than a billion dollars just to curry favour with the voters

In Tunisia: Sidi Bouzid protests again

There was an attempt to set fire to the government building in Sidi Bouzid. They are furious that their town has remained impoverished and their youth have remained unemployed and the promises of development projects have remained ink on paper.

Watch Out: a Tunisian terrorist in the Hashemite kingdom

The aspirations of the Jordanian people do not differ much from those of the Tunisians and Libyans and all those individuals who decided at some point to break down the wall of fear.

Tunisian arts spark Salafist spring

The result so far of what seems to be a never-ending controversy over blasphemy in Tunisia sometimes seems to be leading the country pell-mell to a civil war.

Second class: discrimination against the government’s fan club

The downfall of Ben Ali has brought to the fore an ever-growing fan club of the newly-elected Islamist government to replace them.

Mr. Che Guevara, the brain of the Tunisian Revolution

The Tunisian uprising is not only a revolt against the old regime; it is also a powerful act of defiance against any potential dictators to come.


Neighbourly interest in the French elections

In Tunisia the official Facebook page of the moderately Islamist Nahda party urged Franco-Tunisians to vote massively for Hollande to "dégage" Sarkozy. 

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