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About Merrick Badger

Merrick Badger is an environmental and social justice campaigner based in England.
He blogs at bristling badger and tweets @merrickbadger.

Articles by Merrick Badger

This week’s editor

The Ghost of Christmas Present curates openDemocracy’s Highlights of 2017.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Spycops activities in Scotland cannot be ignored

Scotland has been excluded from the Pitchford Inquiry into police spying. But spycops behaviour there cannot be brushed aside.

They spy on us because they recognise our power, and fear it

The climate movement has learnt from the Spy Cops scandal; we won't let it stop us.

On the trail of Britain's undercover police

Recent revelations have exposed the routine embedding of undercover police officers within environmental and social justice campaigns. But piecing together the public evidence on undercover police tactics brings as many questions as answers.

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