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About Michael Chessum

Michael Chessum is a campaigner and journalist based in London, a Labour and Momentum activist, and national organizer for Another Europe is Possible.

Articles by Michael Chessum

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Fighting in the left corner

“We are an organization with one staff member, and a limited amount of energy because nobody in the political and activist left wants to talk about Brexit! “

Canada's Corbyn?: Sid Ryan and the other North American left

An Irish born trade unionist is running from the left to become the new leader of Canada's New Democrats.

The left needs to find a new internationalism

Opposing American imperialism isn't enough. The left needs to find a new internationalism.

Brexit Britain: what went wrong and what next? Panel 3

A discussion on why Britain voted for Brexit and what radical remainers should do now. (Video, 45 mins).

The BBC is failing to ask the big questions about the EU referendum

Britain's public service broadcaster must do more to communicate this historic vote beyond the narrow agendas of the official campaigns. 

The great Labour purge is underway

The UK Labour party is cancelling the memberships of significant numbers of people who joined in order to vote in its leadership election - and even some who joined before.

The last couple of days in Athens and in solidarity

Tribute to the Greek left from a fellow European who won’t forget the run-up to the historic Greek referendum.

With the referendum lost, the left must move beyond attempts to build progressive islands

After the Scottish referendum, the left must ditch its obsession with creating progressive islands and focus on re-building its core industrial strength.

The English left should focus less on telling Scotland what to do and more on shaping the narrative

The independence referendum, whatever the result, presents huge opportunities and risks for the English left. It must focus on these, rather than on what it thinks Scots ought to do. And this must start with controlling the narrative.

7 lessons from a departing student activist

The lack of memory within student politics is one of its great pitfalls. Every year lessons must be learnt and relearnt. So as I depart, here are seven lessons I've learnt and would like to pass on.

A turning point in the National Union of Students?

NUS conference has backed free education after many years of opposing it. Is a change in the air?

The student loan book is being privatised. We shouldn't be naive about the implications.

Plans to privatise student the student loan book threaten to become a de facto retrospective fee hike. Recent graduates are already chained by debt; we must fight these dangerous plans.

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