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Michael Holman was Africa editor of the Financial Times, 1984-2002

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Africa's democratic pains

The momentum of democracy in Africa is stalling. Michael Holman & Greg Mills find common themes in the experience of four key countries, and draw lessons.

Kenya: chaos and responsibility

The post-election turbulence should provoke hard questions among Kenya’s western patrons, says Michael Holman.

African legacies: settler-colonialism, land-politics

Zimbabwe and Kenya offer two very different combinations of colonial folly and African leadership.

The Commonwealth: punching below weight

The Commonwealth's evasion of the plight of Zimbabwe at its Kampala meeting reflects a failure to live up to its own principles, says Michael Holman.

Dizzy worms in Zimbabwe

Robert Mugabe’s despotic rule has brought Zimbabwe to its knees. An emergency recovery programme, coordinated by the Commonwealth and made accessible to Zimbabweans at home and abroad, could become a catalyst for change, writes Michael Holman.

'The Soul of the White Ant', Eugène Marais

A pioneering study by the great South African naturalist Eugène Marais shaped the way Michael Holman sees the world.

Trees for Africa

A visit to Uganda leaves Michael Holman inspired by a development project that could combine economic, tourist and environmental benefits

Africa: celebrity and salvation

The relationship between rich western celebrities and poor Africans highlights a hard challenge to the orthodoxies of aid policy, says Michael Holman.

The G8 summit: good for Africans?

African and western writers evaluate the deals done at the 2005 G8 summit.

Welcome to the aid business!

Western NGOs’ desire to help Africans has led them into unhealthy relationships with host countries, donor governments, and media, says Michael Holman. The result is that they share responsibility for Africa’s development disasters.
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