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About Michael Kenny

Michael Kenny is a visiting research fellow at the Institute for Public Policy Research and professor of politics at the University of Sheffield.

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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Now it’s the Tories’ turn – why West Lothian is trickier than it looks

While questions surrounding constitutional reforms for England have already disrupted Labour's progress in the wake of Scotland's vote, the Tories should be 'more cautious and thoughtful than populist and gung-ho' on this thorny issue.

E.P. Thompson and One Nation Labour- Kenny responds to White & Barnett

Despite tensions in his outlook over the years, E.P. Thompson's works represent a useful reference point for contemporary debate on progressive patriotism and the nation.

Faith, flag and the British left - 'One Nation'?

Re-examining the development of the New Left(s), Michael Kenny draws on the work of EP Thompson to set out how patriotism and tradition can be reconciled with a critical and progressive social model. There is plenty for 'One Nation Labour' to take onboard.

Big Society Dilemmas: a challenge for Tories as well as Labour

The Burkean appeal to the organic 'little platoon' implicit in the Big Society idea rests uneasily with the Coalition's aims even if it undermines Labour's claims to represent communities
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