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About Michele Barbero

Michele Barbero is an Italian journalist currently based in Paris, where he works as an assistant producer for France 24-English. His main focuses are international politics and political behaviour. He tweets@MicheleBarbero.

Articles by Michele Barbero

This week’s front page editor

Clare Sambrook

Clare Sambrook, investigative journalist, co-edits Shine a Light.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Useful fantasies

Why Northern Ireland had to pretend the IRA was gone for good.

Italy's shy president?

Matteo Renzi has won the battle to have his first choice candidate elected as Italy's new President of the Republic. But is Sergio Mattarella really Italy's "shy President"?

Mafia is northern Italy's problem too

A recent judicial sentence confirms that clan-based organised crime has extended its influence to northern Italy.

Italy: back to the future?

PM Matteo Renzi triumphed over Beppe Grillo and Berlusconi in the last European elections. Does this reshuffling of Italian politics mean the country is back to a sort of normal?

Can Alexis Tsipras save the Italian left?

The oft-divided Italian radical left has united behind the star of the Greek left, Alexis Tsipras, in the European elections. Will this be enough to avoid yet another electoral failure? Euro elections landscape, 2014.

Matteo Renzi: Italy’s fake revolution

Last week, Matteo Renzi’s government obtained the backing of the Italian Parliament, aiming to revolutionise the country's old politics. But can his political style and smart tweeting be enough?

Italy's unhappy marriage with Europe

In May, Italy will choose its European representatives, just a few weeks before starting its presidency of the EU. But for many Italians, Europe has never been so grimly distant as at the present time. Euro elections landscape, 2014.

How the Italian left ceased to exist

The election of the new President of the Republic ended up in a mess for the Democratic Party, devastating both its cohesion and political capital. Is this the end of the road for an united Italian left?

Italy wants change. But the time hasn't come yet

The last elections have shown that voters demand the beginning of a new political season. Unfortunately, what's happening in the aftermath is the exact opposite.

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