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About Miklos Haraszti

Miklos Haraszti teaches at the University of California's Budapest Study Center, and writes a weekly column for the Budapest Business Journal. He was a blacklisted author (of A Worker in a Worker’s State, among other books), and a participant in the 1989 Hungarian Roundtable Talks on the transition to free elections. As a member of the Hungarian Parliament, he was media affairs spokesperson for the Alliance of Free Democrats.

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Rosemary Bechler is openDemocracy’s Editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The "real" Viktor Orbán

Who and what is Viktor Orbán, the still youthful but now – after his narrow election defeat to the Socialist Party candidate, Peter Medgyessy – ‘ex’-prime minister of Hungary?

The British conservative philosopher, Roger Scruton, thinks he knows. But his sketch of Viktor Orbán’s ‘centre-right’ politics amounts only to a sequence of ideological statements that simplifies the complex social and intellectual history of post-communist Hungary.

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