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About Miri Weingarten

Miri Weingarten is an Israeli human rights activist and Director of JNews – Alternative Jewish Perspectives on Israel-Palestine

Articles by Miri Weingarten

This week’s front page editor

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Who's afraid of the boycott

In Europe, a marked reticence among diplomats, lawmakers and bureaucrats has been recorded whenever this particular bill is mentioned. But Israel's boycott law may for the first time enable an open and honest discussion of the possibility of nonviolent civil disobedience, boycott and disinvestment - measures that have been taboo for too long.

The flotilla and the siege – resistance and complicity

While the second flotilla to Gaza prepared to set sail this week under the motto ‘Stay Human,’ Europe moved a step closer to full participation in the Israeli oppression of Palestinians

Justice Goldstone's reversal and the question of intent

In its attempts to evade international accountability, Israel is silencing its own civil society, without which it cannot credibly establish intent, or lack of it, under international criminal law
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