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About Mirjam Künkler

Mirjam Künkler is Assistant Professor in the Department for Near Eastern Studies, Princeton University. Her research interests concern religion-state relations and Islamic thought in 20th century Iran and Indonesia. Her work has appeared in journals of Islamic Studies and Politic Science, and edited volumes. She has completed a monograph that analyses the impact of contemporary Islamic thought and social movement activism on the transformation of authoritarian rule in Iran (1989-2005) and Indonesia (1974-1998). In her next project, she turns to questions around the rule of law, and the transformation of the legal system in the Islamic Republic of Iran, and an edited volume on New Jurisprudential Approaches to the Question of Government in Iran. Künkler is the co-director of the Iran Social Science Data Portal, funded by the Social Science Research Council (SSRC). 


Articles by Mirjam Künkler

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

What Iran wants from female religious authority: piety - yes, expertise in fiqh - no

More than a hundred women's seminaries have been set up by the Iranian state since the 1979 revolution. Yet the number of women candidates standing in next month's parliamentary election is the lowest for twenty years, Mirjam Künkler explores why this may be so
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