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About Mohammed Hussainy

Mohammed Hussainy is a Jordanian writer specialising in Iraqi issues who writes for the Arabic language Al Ghad newspaper and Al

He is the director of the Identity Center in Amman, Jordan, which aims to encourage political participation in Jordan and the wider Arab world.

Articles by Mohammed Hussainy

This week’s front page editor

Clare Sambrook

Clare Sambrook, investigative journalist, co-edits Shine a Light.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Jordan demands democracy, not disintegration

While Arabs express solidarity, the specificity of each nation must not be overlooked. In Jordan, Mohammed Hussainy pleads that this opportunity for reform is not undone by divisive agendas.

What keeps Mubarak on his throne?

Mohammed Hussainy summarises the personalities and forces that prevent Mubarak from standing down.

Patriarchal shows of generosity will not appease the Arab people

Arab regimes' attempts to buy off their people only highlight their duplicity, argues Mohammed Hussainy

Messages from Tunisia

What message should Tunisians and the peoples and governments of the Arab world and beyond take from the Tunisian uprising, asks Mohammed Hussainy.

Iraq's big deal: the coming national unity government

Faced with the problem of how to share the offices of power between rival blocs, Iraqi politicians are rearranging the constitutional weights to achieve a balance of power acceptable to parliament's largest factions. Will the result be unity or stasis, asks Mohammed Hussainy

Iraq: on the path to national salvation?

The current political impasse in Iraq is damaging to all parties involved. A National Salvation Government sponsored by the UN may be the only feasible way forward, says Mohammed Hussainy

Allawi throws it all away

Allawi emerged from the election triumphant, but is now unlikely to become the next prime minister. Mohammed Hussainy explains how.

Once again, the Iraqi compass points north

The votes are in and the Iraqi coalitions have entered a complex process of deal making and realignment. Little can be predicted with any certainty, but the Kurdish parties look set to regain their place as kingmakers in Baghdad.

Shadowy campaign financing will mire Iraq's democratic elections

As campaigning in the Iraqi election intensifies, there is a danger that the race will be won by ill-gotten wealth.

A nest of contradictions: exclusion and immunity in the Iraqi elections

The fudged compromise on Iraqi election candidates previously excluded from running raises more questions than it answers.

Debaathication vs. reconciliation? The decision to ban Saleh al-Mutlaq from standing in the Iraqi election

The Iraqi Accountability and Justice Commission's decision to ban former Baathist Saleh al-Mutlaq from standing in the forthcoming election threatens to derail the process of reconciliation in the country and provoke a crisis in Iraqi politics.

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