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About Munir Atalla

Munir Atalla is a Jordanian of Palestinian origin studying Middle Eastern Studies, American Studies, and Communications at Tufts University.  He is a regular contributor at and has been featured on publications like +972 and

Articles by Munir Atalla

This week’s front page editor

Rosemary Bechler is a mainsite editor of openDemocracy

Constitutional conventions: best practice

On the World Economic Forum and globalization

Our columnist attends a conference and can see why Gandhi suggested that humans are best organized in the small compounds he called “Swadeshi”.

Half-capacity Jordan: whose stories do we need?

The way Jordanians imagine their national collective identity must evolve from tolerance to acceptance and from diversity to true inclusion.

Is Jordan a neo-colony?

Jordan acts as a buffer with other Arab nations while they are being destroyed as in the case of Syria (and historically Iraq and Palestine) and takes in refugees from those nations so that they are not stranded at the Israeli border.

Jordan 2050: the constitutional monarchy with the solar panels?

Predicting the future is a notoriously risky endeavour. My intention here is simply to challenge people to envision one potential future for Jordan (and the entire Middle East) that maybe could come true.

Nuclear Jordan: splitting atoms in a land of wind and sunshine

Firmly in the “solar belt”, the area of the world with ideal conditions for solar power, Jordan should strive to become the poster child for renewable energy.

The last camel

Many Syrian refugees have every intention of going home. Meanwhile, others don’t have homes to return to; their families have been all but obliterated.

Everything boils down to… education

In Jordan, the people with the lowest scores are the ones put in positions of tremendous privilege as Imams or Sheikhs of Mosques whom people turn to for guidance on extremely sensitive personal issues like sexuality, faith, and ethics.

Silver lining of the Jordanian elections

Jordan’s parliamentary elections were far from perfect, but a process has commenced that places an important first building block in the reform process.

Jordan’s economist king

From an economic perspective, many of the King’s friends have done very well for themselves. But not all of them have done it without exploiting him.

Winter: is it coming to Jordan?

On December 10, a resolution that read, ‘This House believes Jordan is on the brink of serious political turmoil and unrest’, was passed by a narrow majority of 54%. The debate will be televised on December 19.

Jordan getting chastised: another take on the protests

Jordan's allies have turned up the heat. The kettle is whistling, but has not boiled over.

Rula Quawas – Jordanian pioneer

The fact that such a harmless video could cause such ramifications is disappointing.


What’s in a jihad?

There is a fine line between jihadist and freedom fighter. In Jordan, we call it “the national border”.


Out with the old, in with the old, in Jordan

Yes, protests have increased since the Arab Awakening, but the monarchy has its finger right on the pulse.

Examining the US-Jordan relationship

Reforms in Jordan have been a carrot on a stick, and the country is weathering what some are calling a “regional storm”. The saving grace of the King is that his time in office has so far been bloodless.

The plot thickens

This year, the winds have also brought with them into Jordan an influx of refugees from Syria.

Almahjoob marghoub: Jordanians fight back for an open internet

Jordan probably won’t censor its internet. But just the fact that it is still trying is extremely disappointing.

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