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About Nader Bakkar

Nader Bakkar is co-founder of Egypt’s al-Nour Party and serves on the party’s presidential and foreign affairs committees, as well as being the chairman’s assistant for media affairs. In 2012, he was elected member of Egypt’s Constituent Assembly. Before this, Bakkar was executive manager for Andalusia Medical Group in Egypt and Saudi Arabia.  He has represented Islam and the Salafi movement at many conferences throughout Egypt's universities. He holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce, studying project management and Islamic economics,and a master's degree in strategic management. Bakkar is a regular contributor to al Ahram newspaper, al Shorouk newspaper, and Ahram on line .

Articles by Nader Bakkar

This week’s front page editor


Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Presidential elections: key step in Egypt’s roadmap

People who are keen on the democratic political process in Egypt share certain convictions as to who should fill the presidential role, and these convictions have become stronger than ever in favour of a military leader.

Observations on the identity amendments to the Egyptian constitution

Right now, we must seek to overcome this tough historic moment without burdening Egyptians with a battle of no winners at all.

Why resisting the trite formula is a matter of life and death in Egypt

A dictator never says that he is someone who oppresses freedoms, kills his opponents and abuses human rights. They all, regardless of time or place, speak about state security and maintaining order.

How did the crisis in Egypt snowball? (Part 2)

We could choose between opposing this new authority, boycotting it, or participating in an attempt to contain the damage to come. In other words, we had to choose the option that implied the least damage, and we did.     

How did the crisis in Egypt snowball?

The official spokesman of Egypt’s Salafist Al Nour party tells us about recent events from his personal point of view. This is part one of his account.

Syria… new moves on the chessboard

The Egyptian president has responded to the US escalation with a speech in Cairo Stadium.


Islamists are not above criticism

We promised people to be truthful and to recognize the truth to the best of our ability, even if it was against ourselves. And Muslims – as the Hadith states – are obliged to stick to what they promise.

Why do we have doubts about the IMF loan?

Egyptian diplomacy could adopt a distinguished role in the coming period, by opening new doors and adopting new strategies in building foreign relations.

Mr. Prime Minister, please submit your resignation!

It would be naive to use painkillers for stopping the constant and accelerating loss of blood which is our human and material losses at this stage in the process of change.

The Black-Mask Gang

Let us come up with a covenant between all the trends, currents and political parties of Egypt. Mastering the art of “finding the common ground” is a must that we can’t live without nowadays!

Egypt’s crisis deserves a better set of calculations

We need achievable goals that we can see before we die, we need what is known as SMART goals.


Fixing the rules of the game

Now the roadmap is clear for both paths in Egypt – the yes-path and the no-path – which was something we distinctly and clearly missed before the dialogue that took place last Saturday.

Egypt’s constitution: the gatekeepers of the old regime and those who backtrack on their word

The official spokesman for Egypt’s al-Nour party and elected member of its Constituent Assembly writes to explain why President Morsi had to act as he did in defence of a political legitimacy won through the ballot box.

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