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About Naomi Vulenywa Barasa

Naomi Vulenywa Barasa is a women’s human rights defender who grew up in Korogocho, the second largest slum in Kenya. She has been the Campaign Organizer for Amnesty International Kenya (AIK) since 2009. Naomi played a key role in the development, reviewing and lobbying for the Kenya Sexual Offenses Act 2006, the National Post Rape Care Guidelines 2005 and gender conformity in the draft Constitution (now The Constitution of Kenya 2010). She is currently involved in housing legislation and policy reforms through the National Task Force on the Housing Bill 2011 and Slum Policy 2012. She was named the 7th Bravest Woman in the World by UK magazine, Marie Claire. 

Articles by Naomi Vulenywa Barasa

This week’s front page editor

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Kenya: the women who stand to be counted

Women in Kenya's second largest slum, Korogocho, face forced evictions, domestic violence and rape as a weapon of gang war on a daily basis. Naomi Vulenywa reflects upon her experience of living in the slum as a women human rights defender.

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