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Natalya Vince is Senior Lecturer in North African and French Studies and an Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Fellow. She teaches on the MA in Francophone Africa at the University of Portsmouth.

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

In Amenas – a history of silence, not a history of violence

Algeria partnershipIn the latest edition of Textures du temps, a historian’s eye is brought to bear on the discourse prevailing in recent British media coverage of the intervention of Algerian forces in the hostage crisis of In Amenas - the neo-orientalist concepts typically invoked when the subject of Algeria’s history is raised filling a vacuum caused by the lack of explanation coming from the Algerian regime.

Algeria and the Arab Awakening: Pasts, Presents and Futures

We want to open up a public conversation which will situate the country’s history, society and politics within the wider context of the Arab World; one that will be finely attuned to specificities and generalities as we explore what Algerians aspire to for them and their country in the twenty-first century.

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