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About Nazek Ramadan

Nazek Ramadan is the director of Migrant Voice and the founder and editor in chief of the 'Migrant Voice' newspaper. Nazek is also founded and edited  'The New Londoners', first refugee newspaper in London. She is vice chair for the European Anti Poverty Network (EAPN) and represents the EAPN (UK) on the Anti-discrimination and Migration working group at EAPN Europe.

Nazek has over 20 years of experience working with migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and ethnic minorities in the UK. Her work has included the production of a number of short films.


Articles by Nazek Ramadan

This week's editor

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Confronting prejudice with charm: migrants in the UK

"We know it’s not easy to confront the tabloid press. We know we’ve taken on a huge challenge; we may make it; we may not. But as migrants, we must deal with it". This is why 100,000 copies of a free newspaper written by migrants will be distributed across the UK next week, says the paper's editor Nazek Ramadan

Globalising the city

There is an emotional logic as well as a business case for openness and diversity in migration policy. Nazek Ramadan reports from a conference that inspired and encouraged her

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