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About Nazenin Ansari

Nazenin Ansari is diplomatic editor of Kayhan, a weekly Persian-language newspaper published in London, and vice-president of the Foreign Press Association (FPA) in the city. She contributes regularly to the BBC, CNN, VOA and other broadcasters 

Articles by Nazenin Ansari

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Francesc Badia i Dalmases is Editor and Director of democraciaAbierta.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Iran's green movement: life, death, rebirth

The movement sparked by Iran's fraudulent election of 2009 is history. The potential exists now for a bolder and clearer opposition to emerge, says Nazenin Ansari.

Iran: a time to rethink

Iran’s opposition movement must draw the lessons of its months of activism since the 2009 election and map a coherent political strategy, says Nazenin Ansari.

(This article was first published on 17 February 2010)

Iran's pre-revolutionary rupture

The continuing, defiant protest-wave in Iran accentuates the ferocious crisis of legitimacy at the regime’s heart. The epic events of 2009 are at a historic turning-point, says Nazenin Ansari.

Iran's unfinished crisis

The inventive tactics of Iran’s opposition continue to deny the Tehran regime the uncontested power it seeks. The result is that the post-election political contest over the future of Iran is reaching a pivotal stage, says Nazenin Ansari.

(This article was first published on 16 September 2009)

The rights of Iran's women

A feminist initiative in Iran is seeking to ensure that awareness of women's rights is on the agenda of the presidential election, says Nazenin Ansari.

Tehran's new political dynamic

The Tehran regime’s internal political divisions and personal rivalries are exposed by the crisis over its seizure of British naval personnel, says Nazenin Ansari.

An ayatollah under siege ! in Tehran

The Tehran regime's persecution of a dissident Shi'a cleric and his supporters reveals not just its own ruthlessness but the depth of opposition to its rule, says Nazenin Ansari.

Iranians on the freedom path

The hopes of Iran's democratic activists for a fundamental shift in Iran's relation to the world are undiminished by the nuclear dispute between Tehran and the international community, says Nazenin Ansari of "Kayhan".
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