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About Ndana Bofu -Tawamba

Ndana Bofu -Tawamba is the Executive Director at Urgent Action Fund-Africa, a consciously feminist and women’s human rights pan-African Fund. She was formerly in charge of the UN Women office in Zimbabwe. Follow her on twitter @NdanaTawamba and @UAFAfrica

Articles by Ndana Bofu -Tawamba

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Sunny Hundal is openDemocracy’s social media editor.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Berta’s struggle is our global struggle…

Berta Cáceres’s assassination is a painful reminder of the way in which a trinity of corporate, government and military interests creates a tapestry of capitalist power structures, making for an often deadly struggle.

At the margins of visibility: recognising women human rights defenders

Every small act that stands up to patriarchy or to inequality, whether it is asking to go to school, or refusing to marry the man her father chooses, is an act of women's human rights defense.

Awake to the challenge: African women's leadership at Beijing+20

If you randomly pick a person on the street in a remote part of any African country and ask them what they know about women’s rights, whatever the tone of voice - angry or excited, they are likely to mention “Beijing”.

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