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About Ndeye Marie Thiam

Ndeye Marie Thiam is a secondary school teacher by profession. She has long been involved in civil society activities with a strong interest in gender issues. She is an activist in the women’s movements and trade union movement in her native Senegal. Her current work centres on coordinating the Platform of Women for Peace in Casamance.

Articles by Ndeye Marie Thiam

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Women of Senegal: agents of peace

The physical and moral suffering undergone by the valiant people of Casamance is incalculable and, as usual, it is the women and children who pay the highest price. From their position as victims, women have decided to become committed agents of peace, says Ndeye Marie Thiam.

Femmes de Sénégal: actrices de la paix

Les souffrances physiques et morales subies par les vaillantes populations de la région naturelle de Casamance sont incalculables, et ce sont, comme d’habitude, les femmes et les enfants qui payent le plus lourd tribut. De victimes, les femmes ont décidé d’être des actrices résolues de la paix, dit Ndeye Marie Thiam.

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