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Neophytos Loizides is Professor in International Conflict Analysis at the University of Kent.

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Constitutional conventions: best practice

Badly-timed, ill-conceived and fraudulent, yet Turkey’s opposition could be the one to gain from Erdoğan’s presidential referendum

The Turkish political system will have to reach a new level of democratic maturity, to challenge Erdoğan’s monopoly of office in a way that would bring forward positive change.

Akinci’s victory: a salute to Cypriot reunification

A couple of years back few would expect that a retired politician associated with a small leftist party would make a resounding comeback to politics. But the Cypriot public has questioned partition again and again by electing prominent pro-unification figures.

Bicommunal action in Cyprus: a force more powerful

At the grassroots level, bicommunal activity in the island is emerging as the critical actor in the reunification process.

Syriza: The radical left's Greek Spring?

Will Syriza's victory lead to a 'radical left' Spring across Europe, or are such reactions premature?

Ukraine needs federalism and power-sharing

Federalism need not be a dirty word in Ukraine. There are many power-sharing examples available to follow, that would keep the country together.

Making peace in Colombia: Northern Irish lessons

The d’Hondt executive does not operate like the winner-take-all mechanism of most majoritarian systems.

Reforming Turkish democracy

PM Erdoğan’s inflammatory policies point to the pitfalls of majoritarian style democracy in Turkey.  

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