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About Niamh Eastwood

Niamh Eastwood is the Executive Director of Release. She has co-authored Release's two previous policy papers, “The Numbers in Black And White: Ethnic Disparities in the Policing and Prosecution of Drug Offences in England and Wales” and the first edition of “A Quiet Revolution”. Follow her on Twitter: @niamhrelease

Articles by Niamh Eastwood

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Clare Sambrook

Clare Sambrook, investigative journalist, co-edits Shine a Light.

Constitutional conventions: best practice

Despenalizar las drogas no es sólo un discurso: conozca los países que lo ponen en práctica

Ante la montaña de violaciones de derechos humanos que causa la criminalización de los que consumen drogas, algunos estados están abandonando los enfoques punitivos. Pero ¿dónde acudir? English

Decriminalising drugs is not just talk – meet the countries actually experimenting with it

Faced with a mountain of human rights abuses caused by criminalising people who use drugs, some states are turning their backs on punitive approaches. But where can they turn to? Español

The numbers in black and white: racism in the policing of drugs

Each year the UK police are disproportionately stopping and searching large numbers of Black and Asian people for drug possession, amounting to mass police interference in everyday life. Is an answer decriminalising drug possession?

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