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About Nicholas Barrett

After growing up in South London, Nicholas studied digital media at Falmouth University before completing a masters degree in international journalism. During his studies, Nicholas produced and presented radio documentaries about current affairs, football and the environment, while writing a political blog for The Huffington Post. Find him on twitter @nbarrett100

Articles by Nicholas Barrett

This week’s front page editor

Constitutional conventions: best practice

The polarising world of therapeutic politics

The more personalised 'news' now consumed via social media is building political barriers rather than breaking them down.

Take the quiet life

A whole array of trivial pursuits, from Jamie Oliver cookbooks to popular dieting, will always be on hand to liberally furnish our conversations, when we feel increasingly powerless to steer the course of modern politics. But the foundations of today’s political indifference stretch even further back.

Life is bleak for the 'lost generation'

A new generation of British graduates are now living back at home, unemployed, and losing any hope of having a 'proper job'. It's not easy.

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